Welcome from AAA!

After a long but eventful October, we are happy to announce the creation of our new blog. Autistic Advocacy and Awareness is a new start up organization for those experiencing life with Autism. We are a parent-directed, neurodiversity-oriented group hoping to spread a positive message about what Autism means while supporting the distinct needs of families living with Autism.

We are an inclusive organization drawing from all groups who are involved in the day to day life of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our founding members are not only parents of children on the spectrum, but also includes adults on the spectrum. While we promote acceptance of those with Autism, we are also aware that those same people need accommodations. Therefore, we support proven therapies to help enable a person with neurological differences become as independent as possible.

We hope you will continue to join our efforts in creating a more positive world view of Autism.

Autistic Advocacy & Awareness